biofit nature gyms

  • Biophilic design
  • Earth-friendly
  • Purified, toxin-free air
  • Acoustic music playlists
  • Wellness lighting systems
  • Forest aromatherapy
  • Natural materials
  • Bespoke equipment
  • Supporting local business
  • Premium yet low-tech
  • Mindful engagement
  • Tactile finishes


Biofit is a natural health & fitness brand of biophilic, indoor-outdoor gyms with its own natural fitness class concepts in Strength, Stamina, Movement & Mobility.

Founded by Matt Aspiotis Morley in 2015, the brand launched with a series of outdoor fitness classes around London before opening the world’s first pop-up 'organic gym' in London’s Notting Hill in January 2017 featuring hundreds of air-purifying indoor plants, a mini pine forest, eco-flooring, cork wall panels and bespoke wooden equipment.  

Biofit Calgary in Canada then opened as the first fully licensed affiliate in September of that year with leafy, green and earth-friendly interiors, natural training equipment, and a coaching team trained in the Biofit method. 

In 2018, Biofit designed an indoor nature gym for the Karolinska Institutet medical university in Stockholm as part of an initiative to encourage healthy habits and regular movement amongst students. Summer '18 also saw the opening of an outdoor gym at an 800 sqm waterfront site within the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club.

As a contribution to the cause of promoting greater connections with nature for 21st century urbanites, Biofit has so far commissioned two separate scientific research projects from the University of Essex Green Exercise Group into the physiological and psychological health benefits of exposure to nature within its interior spaces. The first focused on ‘indoor green exercise’ at the Biofit London showroom while the second, sponsored by EcoWorld Ballymore, looked at the impact on office workers of spending time in a relaxation space designed by Biofit in Canary Wharf (results for both studies available online here).

Most recently, the brand has partnered with Vibram in London, makers of the minimalist Vibram Five Finger shoes, to deliver a series of outdoor natural fitness classes around Shoreditch.

A proud member of the 1% For The Planet network, Biofit contributes 1% of its annual sales to supporting meaningful environmental projects around the world.