Air purifying plants in biophilic interiors

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Whether used in commercial biophilic interiors, such as offices, hotels and gyms, or as part of residential biophilic design, air-purifying plants add personality to any space and come with an array of health and wellness benefits to supercharge any interior with Vitamin Nature. Read on to learn how..

Health Benefits of Plants in Biophilic Design

In 1989, the NASA Clean Air Study found that the power of plants went far beyond absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen; many can also filter harmful chemicals from the air, such as benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene—all commonly found in everyday objects that surround us all the time in cities such as furniture and building material. 

How To Use Plants in Biophilic Interior Design

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There are an array of ways to weave the beauty and benefits of air-purifying plants into a biophilic interior. An eye-catching vertical garden wall for example, hanging plants in planter boxes that create a green canopy effect overhead, low-maintenance moss panels, or a few simple potted plants placed strategically close to a source of natural light are all great ways to add functional health benefits to a space.

The Right Plants for Your Biophilic Interior

When choosing plant species to use in your next eco office interior or biophilic home, there are a few things you should consider to ensure your plant plan is sustainable and practical; let’s face it, nobody benefits from dead foliage! Here are three questions to consider:

  1. What kind of light is available? Low light doesn’t necessarily present a problem, but it does mean that you need to choose plants that can thrive in dimmer conditions, such as Spider plants and Pothos plants. 

  2. How much time can you commit to maintenance? A good biophilic design should enhance your life, not disrupt it. Plants that require less watering, like Snake plants and Aloe, tend to be hardier and won’t put a damper on your schedule.

  3. Which plants like or dislike each other?  Placing your plants beside the wrong neighbours can be the difference between thriving greenery and stunted stems. Make sure you know who likes who to bring out the best from your sprouts.

Biophilic Interior Designers

Still need a nudge in the right direction? Biofilico is our green interior design company with all the answers, getting you one step closer to a healthy urban lifestyle in harmony nature. See this section of our site for info on how we use plants in our wellness spaces to maximize their functional health benefits for users. Contact us for more information of how we can upgrade your office, gym, home or commercial project.

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