interior design that harnesses the power of nature for wellness benefits

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plants for Vitamin Nature

Integrating plants into interior spaces is a fundamental tenet of biophilic design whether it be a vertical garden wall, moss art wall, hanging Japanese kokedamas or air-purifying indoor plants chosen for their health benefits. We also design green outdoor workspaces to help workers feel the energizing qualities of Vitamin Nature during the workday.


nature-inspired decor

Natural wall murals showing scenes of prospect and refuge are known to have stress-reducing properties; they are especially useful for small enclosed spaces. Equally, there are plenty of biophilic, nature-inspired wallpapers as an abstract alternative well suited to homes and offices. We also work with expert floral designers who can create artworks / sculptures in both natural and, when appropriate, artificial plants for long-term installations.

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non-toxic, organic materials

Sustainable, earth-friendly materials such as cork, FSC wood, rubber and bamboo are key to our philosophy, as are natural patterns, colours, textures and finishes. This delivers a pure, organic and cohesive aesthetic every time; it also leads us to work with artisans and companies that share a same value system of respecting nature while promoting human health through the built environment.


wellness lighting

Natural light is the essential building block of a healthy, green indoor space so needs to be protected at all costs, to the benefit of both plant and human inhabitants! Circadian lighting systems follow the body’s natural rhythm with amber tones early and late, with blue-white tones in the middle of the day can help improve sleep and productivity, especially when combined with individual task lights on office desks for example.


sound & scent

Acoustic solutions such as moss walls and eco flooring panels can reduce ambient noise while also adding biophilic design into a space. We create our own acoustic, world music playlists and have used birdsong in our wellness rooms to great effect. To create a multi-sensory nature experience, aromatherapy can calm and sooth or energise and inspire, making it a 100% natural way of enhancing mood.

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active & healthy design

We promote the use of sit/stand desks and mobility balls; stairwell designs that inspire regular use instead of an elevator; wellness recharge rooms and meditation sessions for mental wellbeing; on-site gyms and shower facilities to promote an active lifestyle; water stations on every floor for hydration and nutritious, low-sugar food options with price incentives for a healthy diet and more.

air purification

Air-purifying plants improve CO2 levels in indoor spaces. For offices or residences we filter and purify the air either through the HVAC or with standalone equipment. Measures for keeping toxins out in the longer-term include eco-friendly cleaning protocols and walkoff entryway systems… and removing shoes at the front door of a home!

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