offices, recharge rooms, residences & gym interiors united by our nature-centric design philosophy

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biophilic office interiors

By integrating biophilic design into office buildings, both indoors and out, businesses can align their work environment with their brand values, while attracting top talent, reducing staff absenteeism and increasing worker productivity.

We have created a biophilic coworking space in Montenegro and a 5-floor corporate office in Switzerland.

casa biofilico biophilic design interior home

green home interiors

Adding an extra layer of biophilia to your home by bringing the outside world in, not only reconnects your living environment with nature but has proven health benefits too.

We recently completed our first residential project - “Casa Biofilico” - bringing this vision to life through both direct and indirect representations of nature, wellness lighting, organic bedding, aromatherapy, air purifiers and nutritional hacks in the kitchen.

biofit biofilico biophilic recharge room london

green recharge room design

By leveraging the mood-enhancing, positivity-boosting properties of natural, green design, we create multi-sensory wellness spaces.

These have been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels while promoting creativity and mental focus, especially in office environments.

We created a ‘Vitamin Nature’ space for real estate developer EcoWorld Ballymore and have another launching in 2019 for a Swiss corporate office client.

biofit biofilico biophilic gym design nature

nature gym design

Combining the mental and physical health benefits of biophilic design principles with natural fitness training, biofit is our dedicated nature gym business.

We have designed a gym in Canada for Natural Way Chiro, in Stockholm's for the Karolinska Institutet and an outdoor beach gym at the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club.

We are currently working on a high-end ‘bush gym’ concept for a South African safari lodge brand.