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office recharge rooms


In early 2018 we created a nature-inspired recharge room in a waterfront greenhouse for real estate developer EcoWorld Ballymore in London and brought in scientists from the University of Essex (UK) to assess the impact of the biophilic interiors on our visitors.


biophilic design features



A total of 108 local office workers spent an average of 60 minutes with us, benefiting from restored energy levels, a renewed sense of calmness, improved mood and greater cognitive function.



users feel an improvement in mood


users report lower levels of perceived stress


users leave feeling more productive


users report feeling more creative inside


users feel more connected to nature



We have since gone on to conceptualize an office ‘quiet room’ for a Swiss health food business that features a forest canopy, eco-friendly carpets resembling grass and natural materials throughout to encourage everything from creative thinking to power naps in the name of worker happiness and productivity.

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