recharge rooms

  • Biophilic design

  • Earth-friendly

  • Purified, toxin-free air

  • Acoustic music playlists

  • Wellness lighting systems

  • Forest aromatherapy

  • Natural materials

  • Bespoke fit-out

  • Supporting local business

  • Premium yet low-tech

  • Promoting mindfulness

  • Tactile finishes


In early 2018 we created the waterfront Wardian Case for real estate developer EcoWorld Ballymore in London's Canary Wharf business district. The space was designed along nature-inspired, biophilic design principles for maximum 'Vitamin Nature' benefits on those spending time in it.

Guests experienced an abundance of natural light, air purifying plants, circadian lighting, forest aromatherapy, acoustic world music and other health-oriented design touches. Cumulatively, these elements delivered a feeling of restored energy, calmness and focus - perfect for tackling the dense urban jungle nearby.

A survey by scientists from the University of Essex, including Dr Mike Rogerson and Professor Jules Pretty OBE, assessed the benefits of exposure to this environment via a short pre- and post-visit questionnaire. The study measured mood, stress levels and mental acuity and proved categorically that this type of space can have a profound impact on the human psyche. 

Local residents and professionals were invited to reserve their place for an hour of quiet contemplation, a refreshing dose of ‘biophilia’ (nature contact) or a creative brainstorming session outside of the office.

If you would like us to crate a re-charge or wellness room for your office or home, simply email us by clicking the icon below.