biophilic design consultancy


interior design studio

we design offices, homes, gyms & hospitality venues that respectfully incorporate nature for its proven health benefits


office interiors

By integrating biophilic design into office buildings, both indoors and out, businesses can align their work environment with their brand values, while attracting top talent, reducing staff absenteeism and increasing worker productivity.


interiors that leverage the proven health benefits of nature


residential interiors

Our approach to creating healthy homes incorporates both direct and indirect biophilia such as live plants, dried flowers and botanic wall art. We source organic bed linens, vintage wood furniture, in-room air-purifiers, aromatherapy, nature sounds and more.


wellness oriented interiors that respect the planet


recharge rooms

By leveraging the mood-enhancing, positivity-boosting properties of natural, biophilic design, we create multi-sensory wellness spaces or ‘recharge rooms’ that have been scientifically proven to reduce anxiety and stress levels while promoting creativity and mental focus.


integrating organic design features into every interior


eco gyms

Combining the mental and physical health benefits of biophilic design principles natural fitness training, biofit is our dedicated nature gym business. We have created a pop-up gym in London (UK), a fitness studio in Calgary (Canada), a micro-gym for a medical university in Stockholm (Sweden) and an outdoor gym at the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club (Montenegro) in 2018. 


multi-sensory spaces engaging sight, sound, touch & smell


 hospitality venues

We developed the initial concept, designed the layout and procured the furniture for an exclusive outdoor beach club at the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club in 2018. The following summer, we delivered full interior design services for a new 600sqm sports bar and music venue named the BlueRoom in a converted warehouse in the same marina.


 landscaping that transforms interiors

Canva - Green Leafed Plant Near Wall low rez.jpg

biophilia research

We have delivered two innovative research projects with a team of experts from the University of Essex (UK) on the impact of biophilic indoor environments on human health and wellbeing. In each case, our spaces delivered substantial improvements in mood, creativity and productivity while reducing stress and anxiety.