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biofilico - biophilic design

Biofilico is the sister company of biofit, the world's first organic gym concept, both were founded by Matt Aspiotis Morley, a natural health expert with a background in real estate development, hospitality and fitness. Matt is accredited by the International Living Future Institute and the Centre for Active Design FITWEL.

Biofilico’s team collaborate with local landscapers, craftsmen and creatives for each specific project, depending on its scope, ensuring a reassuringly lean operating model.

Their focus is on interior design and creative consulting for biophilic, healthy and earth-friendly offices, gyms, wellness rooms and residential interiors.

The business operates internationally from London, UK and Barcelona, Spain.

Biophilic design services

Biophilic design tackles the industrialized world’s human-nature disconnect through architecture and interiors that embrace nature.

Key elements include the use of plants & flowers; natural shapes, colours, patterns, textures, scents, sounds and materials, as well as circadian lighting.

These are nothing more nor less than ancestral responses to a relatively recent problem, what we proudly label biophilic design therefore is merely an attempt to restore the previous harmony between nature and humans on this planet!

Healthy design services

Healthy design takes this concept a step further by adding an emphasis on the human health and wellbeing benefits of the built environment - be it a home, office, gym, school or hospital.

Key elements include non-toxic materials, social interaction, prompting increased physical activity, nutritional food options, improved indoor air quality, acoustic solutions, thermal comfort and even a building’s operational policies such as eco-cleaning protocols.

Sustainable design services

Earth-friendly design attempts to reduce any harm done to the planet to an absolute minimum when designing our built environment.

Key elements include sustainable, natural materials; waste recycling and energy-saving techniques. Flooring is a big focus in this area, with a number of brands offering biophilic design carpet tiles with sustainable credentials, for example - the perfect combination!