vitamin nature research project / january 2018

In January 2018 we collaborated with leading London property developer EcoWorld Ballymore on a research project at its flagship Wardian London development in Canary Wharf to explore the impact of indoor environments maximized for Vitamin Nature on psychological wellbeing.

We used a waterfront greenhouse full of air purifying plants, an abundance of natural light, Phillips wellness lighting for the dark winter afternoons, pine forest aromatherapy, mindfulness games, our own acoustic music and nature sounds, as well as a de-humidifier to boost air quality and improve thermal comfort. 

Over 100 visitors spent time in the space during the three-week research project, each of them completing a questionnaire upon arrival and departure. Coordinated by a team of expert scientists from the nearby University of Essex Green Exercise Research Group, including Dr Mike Rogerson and Professor Jules Pretty OBE, the resulting data explored stress levels, anxiety, negative mood state and nature-connectedness (a sign of vitality)... with reassuringly positive results!



green exercise research project / january 2017 

During our biophilic biofit pop-up gym in London (January 2017), we collaborated with the UKActive Research Institute and the University of Essex Green Exercise Group to carry out what we believe to be the world's first scientific research study into the health impact of 'indoor green exercise' (biofit natural fitness classes + biofilico natural interiors).

In total, 118 participants completed a questionnaire before and after a biofit group natural fitness class in the green nature gym; of those, 75% reported feeling less stressed after their session and 87% reported an improvement in positive mood state while 80% felt more connected to nature, a reflection of vitality and purpose. Here are the results in full: