The Wardian Case ‘vitamin nature’ research study

There is a growing body of evidence behind natural, biophilic design but there remains more work to do. As a contribution, we have previously delivered a scientific research project with a team of experts from the University of Essex (UK) on the impact of biophilic indoor environments on human health and wellbeing.

Real estate developer EcoWorld Ballymore is behind the biophilic residential development The Wardian in London, UK. They recently asked us to take over their Wardian Case greenhours for a consumer research study into the impact of spending time in such a biophilic environment.

A total of 108 locals spent an average of 60 minutes with us, benefiting from restored energy levels, a renewed sense of calmness, improved mood and greater cognitive function.



users report lower levels of perceived stress


users report feeling more creative inside


users leave feeling more productive


users feel an improvement in mood


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