latest project: Blue Room bar design

The Blue Room, Porto Montenegro is our latest music and sports bar designed with a biophilic, nature-inspired style.

blue room bar biofilico biophilic design interiors

concept development

This project was a warehouse conversion, giving us high ceilings and plenty of space to work with. The concept is a sports, music and entertainment venue within a marina village in Montenegro.

the brief

Our brief was to create a fun, fresh and informal venue that would appeal to a young, trendy audience. Our role involved complete creative concept development from the start, literally working with an empty box to start with.

our role

We designed the space plan, branding and initial 3D visualizations for the bar area, sports / games room, table tennis zone, dance floor an outside terrace.

blue room bar biofilico biophilic design interiors

interior design

We brought the outside in with a ring of air-purifying plants around the top of the bar structure matched with a palm leaf print wallpaper on the back-bar and green-white stripes on the front of the bar for a cohesive colour palette. We also matched that with the furniture, procured from one of our specialist suppliers.

blue room bar biofilico biophilic design interiors

sports concept

We sourced premium table football and table tennis set-ups for the new venue and off-set them against a row of tall palm leaf trees in a bright colour palette of terracotta, blue and green to match the selection of bar stools.

blue room bar biofilico biophilic design interiors

outdoor terrace

The external terrace involved indigenous landscaping, outdoor rugs, ar furniture, sofas and sun loungers to create a seamless transition from the interior dance floor and bar. Benefitting from a memorable sunset view over the adjacent sports field and beyond to the bay, this quickly became a Friday night hotspot in season.

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