Casa Biofilico


We recently completed our first biophilic home interiors project, now known as Casa Biofilico.

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A biophilic arrival

The entrance hall features a South African landscape photograph with a row of handsome cows warmly greeting each new house guest, a Danish side table from the 1960s and an Artemide table lamp next to a rotating collection of pot plants that help fill what would otherwise be a ‘dark’ corner.

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Nature-inspired living area

A living room filled with natural light plays host to a corner filled with air-purifying plants such as Sansevierias and ‘ZZ’ plants, offset by a bespoke piece of floral wall art and a series of botanical leaf paintings above a vintage Danish sideboard in teak wood.

More vintage furniture in the shape of four Danish, H.W. Klein dining chairs with teak frames and natural fibre seats that pick up on the colour palette of the ceramic tile flooring beneath, as well as a classic leather armchair. Wellness lighting systems are set to an automatic timer to recreate sunlight each morning and then fade out slowly after sunset in order not to disrupt the body clock.

biofilico casa biophilic design interiors home

Biophilic dining area

A teak dining table plays host to organic linen table mats and napkins by Libeco from Belgium, ceramic plates with a rough wabi-sabi finish by Muubs, crystal water tumblers by Royal Doulton and an Alvar Aalto glass vase from Iitala.

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Green bedroom

The master bedroom has an eco-rubber flake mattress topper, a natural wool all-season duvet and two different eco-rubber flake pillows all by CocoMat, the natural bedding experts. A commissioned botanical drawing above the bed by artist Anna Farba sits opposite a calming seascape by photographer Tim Hall while a bedside aromatherapy corner has a eucalyptus bouquet as well as various sleep-enhancing essential oils ready for the diffuser.

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Zen bathroom

The main bathroom has a large tub used for magnesium salt baths for relieving sore muscles, natural soap products, another ‘Biophilia’ photo print by Christopher Marley, a Monstera leaf display, smart-scale for checking heart rate and body mass each morning, as well as candles and natural room scents to create a haven of organic health and wellbeing.

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Eco-friendly kitchen

An all-white kitchen is kitted out with a curated coffee & tea set-up featuring ceramic Japanese mugs, a professional burr grinder, copper V60 filter cone, coffee scale and slow-pouring kettle.

All-natural cleaning brushes in various shapes and sizes are accompanied by eco-friendly cleaning liquids in a refillable aluminium bottle and, why not, a young Monstera plant for a touch of green. Finally, a print of a photographic artwork by Christopher Marley’s ‘Biophilia’ series hangs on the wall next to a mini-forest of head-high dracaenas.

biofilico biophilia home office interior design consultancy

A Healthy Home Office

A second bedroom has a HumanScale Quickstand Eco standing desk combined with a mobility ball. The aim here is to promote less sitting and more movement while working. Positioned directly next to the windows for exposure to natural light, the room also has a Dyson air purifier and a Sonos sound system to create a multi-sensory space designed for productivity and creativity.

If you would like our help designing your home along similar healthy, biophilic and earth-friendly lines, simply email us via the icon below.