biophilic concepts & interiors


biofilico is the sister company of biofit, the world's first organic gym concept, both were founded by Matt Aspiotis Morley, a natural health expert with a background in real estate development and hospitality.

Biofilico’s creative team collaborate with local landscapers, craftsmen and plant suppliers for each individual project, ensuring a reassuringly lean operating model. In short, we design, style and advise on biophilic, healthy and earth-friendly offices, gyms, wellness rooms and residential interiors. 

Biophilic design tackles the industrialized world’s human-nature disconnect through architecture and interiors that embrace nature. Key elements include the use of plants & flowers; natural shapes, colours, patterns, textures, scents, sounds and materials, as well as circadian lighting.

Healthy design emphasizes the health and wellbeing of the people using a building - be it a home, office, school or hospital. Key elements include non-toxic materials, social interaction, physical activity, nutrition, air purity, acoustics, thermal comfort and a building’s operations policies.

Earth-friendly design attempts to reduce any harm done to the planet to an absolute minimum when creating our built environment. Key elements include sustainable, natural materials; waste recycling and energy-saving techniques.

About biofit

biofit launched with a 120 square metre showroom in London's Notting Hill in January 2017, with Biofit Calgary opening as a fully licensed affiliate in September 2017 featuring biofit interior designs and equipment selection, as well as the biofit training method.

An indoor nature gym designed by biofit launched at the Karolinska Institutet medical university in Stockholm, Sweden in January 2018 as a dedicated facility for hard-working researchers and medical students.

The business has delivered two of its own scientific research projects into the health benefits of ‘indoor green exercise’ and ‘biophilic design’ with the University of Essex in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

The first outdoor gym designed by biofit opened on the Adriatic Coast this summer at the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club, taking the brand in a new direction with a range of bespoke equipment commissioned from expert local craftsmen.

Summer 2018 saw a new collaboration between biofit and Vibram Five Fingers shoes with a 6-week series of outdoor natural movement classes in London's Hoxton area.

About the Founder, Matt Aspiotis Morley

Matt founded Biofilico design consultancy in 2018 after success with his Biofit natural fitness concept (2015-today) creating indoor-outdoor nature gyms. By applying the same earth-friendly, nature-inspired principles, he now advises on the use of biophilic design for positive benefits on human health and environmental sustainability, whether it be a corporate office environment, residential apartment, coworking space, re-charge room... or gym.

In 2015 Matt launched his first independent project, biofit - an innovative gym concept that combines health-oriented, nature-inspired design principles and his own natural fitness training program. These indoor-outdoor gyms have since been scientifically proven to reduce stress and improve mood while delivering real world fitness gains.

After several pop-ups and a showroom in London (UK), Biofit Calgary opened in the Natural Way Chiropractor Clinic in Alberta, Canada in September 2017 as the first full affiliate. An indoor gym opened in late January 2018 at the Karolinska Institutet medical university's Health Promotion Unit in Stockholm followed by an outdoor gym at the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club in Montenegro, July 2018.

In an effort to contribute to the growing body of evidence behind nature-inspired design's health attributes, Matt led the world's first scientific research study into 'indoor green exercise'  in January 2017, followed by a second study a year later with real estate developer EcoWorld Ballymore into the wellness benefits of nature-inspired interiors in a dense urban environment.

Matt has been Brand Director of this thriving residential and marina village development on the Adriatic Coast since January 2015, having previously (2010-2014) built and led a 13-person marketing team with a remit that covered the 450-berth superyacht marina, over 200 waterfront residences, a Yacht Club, Pool Club, Sports Club, shopping village and an international school.

In his current role he conceptualizes and delivers new in-house business concepts around the village, working alongside the CEO, property development and asset management teams to take an idea through from inception to reality.

Recent examples include an own-brand retail store and cafe named AM/PM; a pool club named Lido Mar; a residents only pool concept at the Regent Porto Montenegro Hotel; the Porto Montenegro Yacht Club; a beach bar; a beach gym and the Innovation Centre coworking space. He is also responsible for managing luxury brand partnerships and advising on brand strategy.

Prior to this Matt spent five years with Luxury Branding between London & Cape Town as a Strategist advising luxury hospitality and wellness brands both large and small on new concept development, brand strategy and branded experiences. Clients included One&Only Resorts, the Dorchester Collection, Seeff Properties and various African start-ups.

Whilst in South Africa he was part of the founding team behind the Southern Africa Luxury Association (SALA) in 2008. He also managed and edited the Anglo-Russian luxury lifestyle magazine "V V" from 2005-2011.                           
Matt has a BA in European Studies from University College London and a Masters in Marketing from Milan; he is a qualified fitness instructor, speaks five European languages and currently resides in Lisbon with one foot in London.